I wrote (to Jan):

You make me discover the new (?)
It could help. Quite nice.

It is written by Lev Vaidman. I knew its web page. His conception
of "world" is perhaps the physicist conception of world which is the closer to the
"maximal consistent extension of the loebian machine".
(the comp "observer-moment" as I argue).
His section "2.2 Who am "I"?" http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/qm-manyworlds/#2.2
is rather short (from a comp point of view, giving that from comp
everything else is deducible from that section alone, once it is made plain).
(That last sentence is not obvious! It is again a three line summary of my
thesis. Sorry).

Once my Amsterdam paper is finished, if you are (still) interested I will try
to explain more, perhaps by following closer R. Smullyan's FU (Forever Undecided).
There are still available exemplars at amazon.uk ... :-)
On the market, today, there is no better introduction to mathematical introspection ...
I should perhaps use it for the Amsterdam paper ...
I hope you don't mind I think aloud ...



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