Oops, I too was a victim of viral paranoia this AM and committed wholesale
deletion of all attachment laden emails in my box including, apparently,
Russel's. letter. Can someone send or forward me a copy? (of the letter not
a virus) ;)


> Please, Russell,
> for the peace of our minds who believe in 'smart' viruses and have none of
> the software you indicated:
> Could you at least put a word in the e-mail that thei comes from you? (eg
> "Safe from RS" or "from Russ" etc.)
> I wanted to open this attachment in blind face and paranoid shiver,
> went first to FILE - Properties - 2nd page and checked the "from" line at
> the bottom.  Boring. Even there it may be a virus usiing your mailbox -
> before you detect it.
> I am not the only one suffering from virus-paranioa.
> Cheerz
> John Mikes

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