Dear Russell, -  your advice is appreciable, - is it also pertinent to
--Outlook Express (OE)-- ? this is supposed to be an improved one and not so
prone to certain malaises 'Outlook' has.
I have no company restrictions, only my inapt ignorance how to (mis?)handle
my software <G> so I am scared to touch it (change server).
(I never attended any courses in computers, do it 'try and err' and err I
do. I have an idiosyncratic aversion against manuals, -  IMO they are lousy
translations by Japanese computers into US English from German.)

However: do you have some 'favorites' for the "X" you wrote?

John M

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Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2004 7:51 PM
Subject: Blank email bodies

> Doing a bit a testing with Serafino, and doing some Googling, it
> appears that Outlook and/or Exchange has a known bug with reading
> signed email messages. See
> The simple solution is for people to stop using Outlook and change to
> a different email client. Given that mass emailing worms need Outlook
> to work, I would always recommend that anyway, although probably if
> everyone switched to email client X, the worms would change to
> exploiting client X :).
> Of course if changing to a different email client is impossible due
> company policy or whatever, then you will need to complain to your
> technical support, ISV or all the way to Microsoft to get the software
> fixed.
> Cheers
> PS: I manually turned off autosigningon this message to allow Outlook
> users to read it.
> On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 06:48:20PM +0200, scerir wrote:
> > From: "John M"
> >
> > > I think your e-mails arrived blank
> > > because you did not write into it.
> >
> > No no. It is a fuzzy effect. Due to the
> > signature/attachment, my Outlook,
> > my Norton Antivirus, and something else.
> > But I can read now the body of the (blank) message
> > in the window "properties of the message" -->
> > "details" --> "original message". It is not
> > so easy ... but it works. :-)
> > s.
> >
> >

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