From: "Stathis Papaioannou" 

> infinite amount of subjective time can be squeezed 
> into the last few moments of a collapsing universe.... 

This reminds me of a strange story
I've learned long time ago.
A dynamical system which passes
through a succession of states, 
at constant time intervals, is
a clock. Clocks measure times,
and, coupled with other systems,
can also measure the duration 
of a physical process. Clocks can also
be used to control the duration
of a process, or the evolution of a 
physical system. In this case if a clock 
has a good time resolution, there is
some energy exchange between the
clock and the controlled process,
that is the evolution of the physical 
system under control. Both the evolution
of the physical system and the clock
are then perturbed, because when you 
include the clock mechanism in the Hamiltonian 
describing the quantum system to be observed, 
or to be controlled, you get this perturbation. 
If then a clock is too precise, a sort of 
quantum Zeno effect occurs - the evolution 
of the physical system under control may be 
even halted.

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