Dear Russell,

I really would like to read (if ever) about that darn complementarity -
based on/around a different example from the stale double-slit experiment
(which it was really constructed for).

IMO the 'double' nature of particle-wave is not (well?) understood and this
resulted in sweating out the 'complementarity' syndrome to explain some
hard-to-follow experimental results within the ongoing formalism. (I mean to
match the quantized items within the system).

Since 2x10^m million experiments - calculations and 3x10^n papers (not to
speak about hundreds of prizes, tenthousands of tenure) have been devoted to
the concept - taught to 3 consecutive generations of
young receptive brains, it would be a BIG job to reformulate it.

Yet it would be refreshing to approach the concept from another side
(another framework), - maybe a new one??????

John Mikes

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