I am subscribing to this list, and as requested by the list-creator, here is
a brief introduction of moi-meme.

I found this list while Google x-referencing "doomsday argument x reference
class". I am interested in metaphysika such as the DDA, MWI, Simulation
Argument, Anthropic Principle, and most other interesting philosci issues
(Barrow/Tipler, Bostrom, Dennet, Everett, Wolfram etc.) 

My background is Physics and Philosophy bachelors (U of Toronto), followed
by a stint as a technical writer for Atomic Energy of Canada, then for
various Internet/Tech entities, finally out of the tech field completely and
driving a sailboat for a living in Galiano Island, British Columbia.

Current bugbears include N.B.'s Simulation Argument and, as noted above, the


Jonathan Colvin

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