Hi John:

At 04:59 PM 11/26/2004, you wrote:
And why would 'Nothing' CHOOSE to SELECT anything?
Is there in 'Nothing' "something" that acts?
You wrotre "there is no reason why not", OK,, but why yes?

Look at the original post. The Nothing does not and can not "chose" anything but is forced to answer an inescapable question i.e. does it persist. The only way to do so is to breach the boundary between it and the All

Furthermore in ALL with no (net) info there cannot be subcomponents, which
does mean a net info once chosen.
Does 'Nothing' destroy ALL by that?
What are the (nonexisting info) MAIN components of ALL?

You miss the essence of the process - the evolution of a Something is a random dynamic. The division associated with a given Something is never static and proceeds without design and at any stage there are an infinite number of them evolving - the spontaneous symmetry breaking of the Nothing breaching the boundary repeats and repeats. - i.e. no selection.


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