I recently posted that I seemed to have two theories re how my multiverse might work. These are:

1) Nothing -> Something => to completion.

2) {Nothing#(n) + All[(n-1) =>> evolving Somethings]} ->
{Nothing#(n+1) + All[n =>> evolving Somethings]} : repeat...


"->" is a spontaneous decay of a Nothing into a Something because of the inherent logical
incompleteness of the Nothing.

"=>" is a random path.

"=>> is a path where each new step is inconsistent with prior steps.

In (1) choice within the Something is a necessary component of the "=>".

In (2) choice is precluded to avoid accumulation of net information.

My issue is that it seems one would like to base an explanation of how worlds evolve on the presence of choice. However, since the [Nothing,All] is a definitional pair, how does one justify selecting (1) over (2)?

In my opinion choice demands a non quantified time - that is a continuous flow in a "=>" and there must be steps in a "=>>".

Hal Ruhl

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