John Mikes wrote:

it is always dangerous (wrong!) to mix deviated cases (sick patients) with
the general (non sick) human (behavioral etc.) concepts.
One thing is even worse: to draw conclusions of such.

I disagree with this, in general. In medical science, in particular, one of the most common means of progress in understanding normal physiology has been the study of pathological cases. If you have a very complex system, and a fault develops, if you can trace and understand the fault, then you understand at least one small part of the system.

I wrote some comments in this thread lately and did not see them being
included in the list-posts. Am I banned from writing to the list?

John, of course your comments are welcome on the list. It is easy to think that you are being ignored when nobody replies to your post, but that is not necessarily the case. The posts that get most replies seem to be the ones that say something provocative, controversial, or just plain wrong: everyone loves a good argument! It could simply be that everyone agrees with you if you have no replies. For example, I don't think anyone specifically replied to George Levy's post on this thread, which I thought was very well reasoned and I completely agreed with.

--Stathis Papaioannou

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