Stathis Papaioannou writes:
> QM or QTI do not imply 
> that you can never lose consciousness. The idea is that you can never 
> *experience* loss of consciousness. You can fall asleep, but when you wake 
> up, you don't remember being asleep. If you never wake up - i.e. if you die 
> in your sleep - then you never experience that particular branch of the MW. 
> In other words, you can only experience those worlds where the loss of 
> consciousness is temporary.

How about impairment of consciousness?  Can you experience that?  Can you
experience going crazy, or having a reduced level of consciousness where
you are drugged or barely alive?  That's how death is for most people,
it's not like flicking off a light.  Will Quantum Immortality protect you
from spending an eternity in a near-coma?  Exactly how much consciousness
does it guarantee you?

Hal Finney

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