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Before drawing drastic conclusions, like QTI, from the multiple-worlds (or
better, the relative state) interpretation of QM, it would be good to remember
that it is just one of several intepretations. Bohm's interpretation will
leave you as dead as classical physics. So will Penrose's and other modified
theories with real collapse of the wave-function. My personal favorite is
decoherence (Zurek, Joos, Zeh, et al) with a lower bound on non-zero
probabilities as outlined by Omnes.

Omnes is just Everett + a new axiom asserting the uniqueness of the universe.
Bohm is Everett + a new axiom based on a (non covariant) potential guiding some
prefered observable result (particle's positions).
Decoherence *is* Everett (as people can understand by reading his long text).



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