John Mikes wrote:

Dear Stathis,
isn't this getting out of control?

I am not talking about your ingenious octopus question (ask the octopus!)

I am talking of the simplistic anthropomodelled and today-level-related way
of thinking: something (anything) is black or white, in other words:
it is either this (one) way we can think about now, or it is THE other ONE
way we can think of now, as an alternative.
This list produced more advanced ways of thinking over the 5-6 years (?) I
have the pleasure of reading in.

Sorry if I got carried away on this thread, John. I have been trying to say that "free will" is a subjective experience, first and foremost, and to debate whether it is philosophically or scientifically sound is a category error. You could take the 8-freedom I described for my octopus and conclude that it it is nonsensical or contradictory, but it would be foolish to then say the octopus is wrong about what it feels; i.e., "ask the octopus" is the correct answer. I thought you might agree with me here if nowhere else, since you can take it as showing a mild contempt for science.

--Stathis Papaioannou

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