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Subject: RE: many worlds theory of immortality

> In general worlds are not effective (computable) objects: we cannot 
> mechanically (even allowing infinite resources) generate a world.<

Hmmm..but then if such worlds are not effective objects, how can they be 
said to be "instantiated"?  If we extend this to Tegmark, this implies that 
even given infinite time, a world can never be "complete" (fully generated). 
Which implies that even given infinite time, not everything that *can* 
happen *will* happen; which was my argument to begin with.

Jonathan Colvin
I have seen it stated that, given infinite time, everything that CAN happen 
MUST happen, not only once but uncountable times.  You argue that this is 
incorrect.  Can you show why it is incorrect?  Thanks,
Norman Samish

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