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Subject: RE: many worlds theory of immortality

> I know of no reason to assume that the various branches of MWI run
> concurrently.
> If they do not run concurrently then the only way I see for immortality is
> to be in a branch where immortality is already a possibility inherent in
> that branch.
> Hal Ruhl

Is it assumed in the narrative that 'this type' of MWI is within a
time-system? Then it must have an origo and - maybe- an omega point. Some
would like that to support various belief systems.
I assume that the time - space organization is an outcome for our universe.
'My' multiverse is unlimited in qualia and organization since we have no
access to details outside this one world. Use my sci-fi?
Immortality (second thoughts after my earlier message) is easy in a timeless
system, it is not distinguishable from the 'momentarily occurring', timeless
existence. Does not last.....
Concurrent is a time related concept.

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John M

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