I'm not sure I really follow your explanation here. Are you trying to
link the information generation that occurs through MW decoherence to
the expansion of space-time through the holographic principle (the
amount of information contained within any 3D volume is proportional to
the boundary area of that volume)?

On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 11:47:49AM -0400, Danny Mayes wrote:
> Considered from a MWI perspective, space-time is expanding to fill a 
> volume not only of spatial dimensions, but of time.  We consider time to 
> move in a "line", because we APPEAR to be stuck stuck on a single time 
> path.  Of course, we really know through MWI we are on some number of 
> overlapping, identical paths.  However, the point is that space-time is 
> expanding not only to fill the volumes of space, but to fill a volume of 
> time.  By volume, I mean all the possible paths the multiverse can 
> evolve into.  Considering just time, if you add up all the possible 
> time-lines evolving out from the big bang, it can be imagined as an 
> expanding sphere proceding out in conjunction with the spatial 
> dimensions. This time-sphere encompasses the multiverse, whereas a 
> single time line encompasses a single universe. Therefore, Bruce's idea 
> that the information contained in a volume of space constitutes 
> multiverse processes makes sense, because the expansion of the time 
> dimension would be proportional to the expansion of the spatial 
> dimensions. 
> From the time dimension perspective, we are very much therefore like 
> the flatlanders-  stuck in a 3D + 1D limited to a single line world that 
> is really a fully 4D world.  That seems to explain the holographic 
> principle from a MWI perspective.
> Danny Mayes

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