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> Russell Standish wrote:
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> >This is very sloppy - if "time-area" were proportional to volume, then
> >the divisor would be 10^300. Perhaps you meant proportional to length,
> >but then I do not see why this should be.
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> You are correct.  This is very sloppy.  First, I made a typo in 
> referring to the cube as 10^300 on a side when I intended to say 10^300 
> in volume.  Also, the time area would be proportional to the other 
> spatial dimensions (a side) of the cube, not the volume.  My apologies.  
> Again, the "time area" should equal a side if it is considered 
> equivalent to a spatial dimension.

Actually, I didn't notice your "slip up". I interpreted you correctly
as referring to a cubic volume 10^100 planck units on a side.

What I was asking is why you think "time-area" should be proportional
to length. I can't see any reasoning as to what it should be
proportional to.

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> >But decoherence increases information, not loses it.
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> >
> >>> It increases the information we have in this universe, by removing 
> the interference of all the information from all the alternative 
> outcomes.  We gain the information of one possible outcome.  From the 
> multiverse view, there is no gain or loss of information, but from our 
> perspective we gain one bit of information and the rest ends up in the 
> alternative outcomes.

Indeed in the multiverse there is no net change in
information. However, you are making a fundamental mistake in assuming
information is additive. For every bit gained in a world due to
decoherence, the rest of the Multiverse gains another bit.

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