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Has anyone on the list experienced personal elevations into

one or more of these parallel universes, I have and would like to exchange info

mechanically (even allowing infinite resources) generate a world.<

JC: Hmmm..but then if such worlds are not effective objects, how
that this is
incorrect.  Can you show why it is incorrect?  Thanks,
Norman Samish

Well, I was elaborating on Bruno's statement that worlds ("maximal
consistent set of propositions") of a FS are not computable; that even given
infinite resources (ie. infinite time) it is not possible to generate a
"complete" world. This suggests to me that it is *not* the case that given
infinite time, eveything that can happen must happen. I must admit this is
not my area of expertise; but it seems to me that the only other option of
defining a world (identifying it with the FS itself) will, by Godel's
incompleteness theorem, necessitate that there exist unprovable true
propositions of world; the world will be incomplete, so again, not
everything that can happen will happen.

Jonathan Colvin

I would say that by definition worlds are complete. For example you could identify
a world with the collection of all true propositions in that world. Gödel's incompleteness
applies to theories, FS, or machine trying to talk on the world(s).
Everything that can happen *to a machine" does happen *to some machine* in the
precise sense that the Universal Dovetailer (the "splashed" UTM) generate all "machine
dreams (computation seen from the 1-pov)". "physical "realities emerge from coherence
condition related to the mathematical structure of "all computations + 1-pov.



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