Quantum Behavior of Deterministic Systems with Information Loss. Path Integral Approach

Authors: M. Blasone, P. Jizba, H. Kleinert
Comments: 11 pages, RevTeX
Subj-class: Quantum Physics; Mathematical Physics
't Hooft's derivation of quantum from classical physics is analyzed by means of the classical path integral of Gozzi et al.. It is shown how the key element of this procedure - the loss of information constraint - can be implemented by means of Faddeev-Jackiw's treatment of constrained systems. It is argued that the emergent quantum systems are identical with systems obtained in [quant-ph/0409021] through Dirac-Bergmann's analysis. We illustrate our approach with two simple examples - free particle and linear harmonic oscillator. Potential Liouville anomalies are shown to be absent.
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