Russell, thanks for the non-argumentative position (understatement, but I
mean it so).
Russell wrote:
I am merely pointing out the necessity of TIME. One can treat it as an axiom
(as I do), seek further justification in terms of other axioms
(eg computationalism), or provide a model that doesn't satisfy it in
order to show it is not necessary.

I appreciate that you are attempting to do the third of these options,
and I will be most intrigued with your results should you obtain
any. In the meantime, I find it more productive to work with it as an
axiom, and to provide some "handwaving" justifications for it.
You use "axiom" as if it were something reasonable. It is a postulate to
facilitate an idea (theory/rem?) within a model. So are 'givens'. - Even
'emergent marvels' point to our ignorance about the origin of a composite of
viable processes producing them.

I don't claim a productive practicality - the idea of thinking (about)
wholism is a starting line, not even ready for "obtaining results".
Let's talk about it 2-300 years from now.
Some 'dreamers' paved the way for advancement.


John M

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