Saibal Mitra wrote:

If you accept that you can experience having been unconscious, then you also
have to accept that you can survive with memory loss in any branch.

Yes, you can survive with memory loss in any branch. Whether it is *you* that survives is another question, a problem in the philosophy of personal identity. The MWI implies that in the next moment, there will be conscious entities with every variation on your current mental state; some of them remember everything you now remember, some remember only part of what you now remember, and some remember nothing of what you now remember. I think it is a mistake to assume that there is some absolute, "real" version or versions of you. Even if you arbitrarily define the "real" you as being a particular animal, you are faced with grave problems, because over a long enough period, every atom and every memory of that animal may change. I have been forced to conclude that there is no true persistence of identity over time, but only a series of individual observer moments which are related only by degree of similarity to each other.

This means that if you are faced with almost certain death, it is more
likely that you will find yourself alive in a completely different sector of
the multiverse than experiencing a miracle that saves your life.

I suppose this has to be true, if you are facing "almost certain death". I might have missed something, if this is in dispute.

--Stathis Papaioannou

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