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Both the suicide and copying thought experiments have convinced me that the
notion of a conditional probability is fundamentally flawed. It can be
defined under ''normal'' circumstances but it will break down precisely when
considering copying or suicide.

This is a quite remarkable remark. I can related it to the COMBINATORS thread.
In a nutshell: in the *empirical* FOREST there are no kestrels (no eliminators at all),
nor Mockingbird, warblers or any duplicators. Quantum information behaves
like incompressible fluid. Universes differentiate, they never multiplies.
Deutsch is right on that point. I use Hardegree (ref in my thesis(*)) He did show that
quantum logic can be seen as a conditional probability logic.

We will come back on this (it's necessarily a little bit technical). I am finishing a
technical paper on that. The COMBINATORS can help to simplify considerably
the mathematical conjectures of my thesis.


(*) Hardegree, G. M. (1976). The Conditional in Quantum Logic. In Suppes, P., editor, Logic and Probability in Quantum Mechanics, volume 78 of Synthese Library, pages 55-72. D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht-Holland.


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