Dear Bruno,

I, for one, will never think that you are any kind of a crack-pot! I am truly interested in your work on Godel Lob Logic. The only disagreement that we seem to have is over whether or not Ideal monism is sufficient to give necessity of our experience of a physical world.
My criticism is intended to allow you to explain your idea further. If you have a means to solve the epiphenomena problem I would be very happy because my own alternative is not even close to the elegance of your idea; if anyone might look like a crackpot, it will be me. My idea, btw, is a form of process (not substance!) dualism derived from Vaughan Pratt's work on the Concurrency problem in computer science.

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Brian wrote also this to Stephen:

We need to be very careful that we are not elevating our internally
generated abstraction of being able to "peek into the world from the
outside" and yet be independent of it into a postulate.

I agree. And I think what is missing in Bruno's stuff is some theory of what an observer is. That's what sets the whole thing alight.

Of course I have a  theory of what is an observer, and a knower, and a
scientist. They are
all given by variants on the Godel Lob Logic.
But either I explain it in some simple ways, and I will look like a
crackpot (because it *is* counter-intuitive).
Or I explain the technics. And I will look like a crackpot who hides
his crackpotness into jargon!

Give me some time to find some intermediate pathway.


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