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But what does "physical level" even mean, if universes or observer-moments are just elements of the set of all mathematical forms, as many on this list believe?


   With all seriousness.

Reach out that "element of the set of all mathematical forms" that most people call a "hand", ball it into a fist, and pull it toward your face as hard as you can. Feel that effect, the blinding headache, please explain it away by repeating what you wrote here.

It didn't go away, did it? The point that I am trying to make is that unless we can mathematically *prove* that it is NECESSARY that the results of this demonstration must obtain given the choice of the action, how is it that we can ignore a "physical level" that is something different from just some combination of "elements of the set of all mathematical forms"?
The point is that we can *prove* that we can not decide whether or not some statement is true or false within some theory (that includes the ability to count), thus we can be sure that we can not be sure which "element of the set of all mathematical forms" coorespond to that action, in fact we can't even specify the membership function of that set!
What explanatory power does a set with no definable membership function have with nothing else associated with it?

   I will respond to the rest of your post tomorrow. ;-)


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