You've probably already addressed this recently, but given the number of posts and my work load I have not been able to read the much of the list recently. What does comp make of time? Is it merely some measure of the relationships among bitstrings in platonia?


Bruno Marchal wrote:

Le 09-mai-05, à 19:39, Brent Meeker a écrit :

In what sense does "the program" exist if not as physical tokens? Is it


that you've thought of the concept? The same "program", i.e. bit-string,


different things on different computers. So how can the program instantiate
reality independent of the compu

By the magic of Church thesis, going from one computer to another is just like
making a change of basis in some space. All result in Algorithmic information theory
are independent of the choice of computer modulo some constant. The same
for recursion theory (abstract computer or generalized computer theory) even without constant.


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