Le Mardi 10 Mai 2005 20:14, "Hal Finney" a écrit :
> Yet you have already been unconscious forever, before your birth (if we
> pretend/assume that the universe is infinite in both time directions).

It can't be forever... I'm conscious now... so it was not "forever". But I 
know you'll say infinity and all. So the meaning of forever before (me/you) 
and after (me/you) is not quite the same.

> Can you imagine that?  Why can it happen in one direction but not
> the other?

Don't know, I just say I had a lot of difficulties to imagine being 
unconscious forever.

> And what do you think of life insurance?  Suppose you have young children
> whom you love dearly, for whom you are the sole support, and who will
> suffer greatly if you die without insurance?  Would you suggest that QTI
> means that you should not care about their lives in universe branches
> where you do not survive, that you should act as though those branches
> don't exist?
> Hal Finney

I do not see the other branches, nor do I feel them. So I don't know how it is 
supposed to be taken in account. And for the other hand, if all the universes 
exists, and at whatever moments it splits into new branches for each possible 
outcome, whatever I do, there will be branches where it turns bad (for me, my 
friends, whatever)... Why put you high measure on universe where all is good 
for your friend if you've done good in your life (or think about a life 
insurance) compared to those were you didn't ?

Quentin Anciaux

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