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>> And what do you think of life insurance?  Suppose you have young children
>> whom you love dearly, for whom you are the sole support, and who will
>> suffer greatly if you die without insurance?  

Do you agree with this ?

1- whenever there is a choice to be made, the universe split (each outcome has 
a probabilty p).
2- So some outcome are more probable than other.

>> Would you suggest that QTI 
>> means that you should not care about their lives in universe branches
>> where you do not survive, that you should act as though those branches
>> don't exist?

By point 1 and 2, imagine the following :

There is 0.5% chance that you go crazy and go killing some friends, and 99.5% 
that you do not. Now, the split is done, so imagine it splits in 1000 (for 
convenience :)), in 5 next observer moments on 1000 you go killing some 
friends, whatever the actual feelings of the 995 others you are, the event 
happening to these 5 you and people surrounding them is equally real... So 
why do you care of the fate of your family in the 995 others universe than of 
the 5 where the things turn bad (not strange, not magic, just bad), which are 
equally real for the observers living in it  ? 

Quentin Anciaux

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