On Tue, May 10, 2005 at 07:19:01AM -0400, Jeanne Houston wrote:
> I once read an article in, I believe, Time Magazine, about the relatively
> new field of "neurotheology" which investigates what goes on in the brain
> during ecstatic states, etc.  One suggestion that intrigued me was that it
> may be possible that in such a state, and I believe that schizophrenics were
> also mentioned, that the brain is malfunctioning in such a way as to allow
> it to perceive states of reality other than that which the normal brain
> would perceive.  In other words, the "antenna" (brain) is picking-up signals
> that are usually beyond the scope of the normal brain.  I wondered if anyone
> could comment on this, and if there was any reason to even entertain the
> thought that perhaps some people have passed through a crack in the division
> between our universe or dimension, into perhaps another?  I read this
> several years ago and wish that I could recall the details of the article,
> but I don't have it anymore.
> Jeanne

My own comment is that there are pure 1st person phenomena, and there
are 1st person phenomena shared with other conscious beings. The first
variety should not be accorded with any real significance, beyond that
of a dream, or whatever. The latter shared type is the basis of
objective science. With my TIME and PROJECTION postulates, or with
COMP, there are 1st person phenomena shared  by _all_ conscious
beings. This last type we can truly label objective.


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