When I stated in the original reply that pulling information out of other worlds in the MWI context was prohibited by physics, I was referring to information about those universes.  As I stated, obviously you can create a superposition to utilize  processing power in other universes, but you can't take from this information about the universes/worlds you are utilizing.  Therefore, the original concept of people "seeing" into other universes seems to be prohibited by the laws of physics.

As I understand it, the mathematics of Hilbert space prohibits inter-world communications because the attempt to remove information from Hilbert space causes decoherence, destroying reversibility.  "Any Hilbert space accessible from more than one world line must be a timeless place, in which we can leave no permanent mark." - Colin Bruce

Also, I'm interested in your TIME hypothesis.  Could you refer me to a source for information, or summarize for me? 

Danny Mayes

Russell Standish wrote:
On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 09:13:33AM -0400, John M wrote:
Russell wrote to Danny:
The Grover algorithm is a form of accessing information from other worlds.
Of course the worlds need to be prepared in just the right way, of

I suppose these "other worlds" are potential life-form carrying bodies of
this (our) universe, because as far as I know we have no way(s) to access
any information from other universes  (that MAY be) - unless we take our
speculations for 'real'.

Does the "prepared" mean some adjustment to understand the diverse
situations in terms familiar to us here? that would mean a humanization
(anthropomorphization) of the non-human.
Would that be productive in the scientific sense?

Communication between worlds takes place within the confines of
quantum superposition. Setting up the superposed states is what I mean
by "prepared". 

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