On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 02:48:17PM -0400, Jesse Mazer wrote:
> Generally, unasked-for attempts at armchair psychology to explain the 
> motivations of another poster on an internet forum, like the comment that 
> someone "just wants to hear themself talk", are justly considered flames 
> and tend to have the effect of derailing productive discussion. I actually 
> agree with your other comments about it being implausible that the mentally 
> ill have some sort of superior insight into reality, but hey, this list is 
> all about rambling speculations about half-formed ideas that probably won't 
> pan out to anything, you could just as easily level the same accusation 
> against anyone here.
> Jesse

Furthermore, some people in this are taking quite seriously the
proposition that reality is a whole is derived from the properties of
consciousness. Therefore if some consciousnesses do not experience
time like we experience it, this expands the possible forms time can
have, or may even reduce the TIME (or equivalent) proposition to a
probabilistic rule. The discussion is very relevant.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to establish consciousness in
other beings - dogs probably are conscious, but insects
probably are not for example. So alas, I really have been unable to
assimilate what this case of mentally ill means for the general theory.

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