What is the difference between a simulation and a representation? Is it just that a representation is a rather poor simulation, one that doesn't talk back to you, like a film? Is there a sharp dividing line between the two, or is it a continuum?

--Stathis Papaioannou

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Subject: Re: Many worlds theory of immortality
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 03:11:21 +0200

One could say that the brain of some schizophrenic persons simulate other
persons. I don't know if some of you have seen the film 'A Beautiful mind'
about the life of mathematician Nash. In the film Nash was closely
acquainted to persons that didn't realy exist. Only much later when he was
treated for his condition did he realize that some of his close friends
didn't really exist.

One could argue that the persons that Nash was seeing in fact did exist (in
our universe), precisely because Nash's brain was simulating them.


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Verzonden: Thursday, May 12, 2005 03:25 PM
Onderwerp: Re: Many worlds theory of immortality

> The obvious and sensible-sounding response to Jeanne's question whether it
> may be possible to access other universes through dreams or hallucinations
> is that it is not really any more credible than speculation that people
> contact the dead, or have been kidnapped by aliens, or any other of the
> millions of weird things that so many seem to believe despite the total
> of supporting evidence. However, this response is completely wrong if MWI
> correct. If I dream tonight that a big green monster has eaten the Sydney
> Opera House, then definitely, in some branch of the MW, a big green
> will eat the Sydney Opera House. Of course, this unfortunate event will
> occur even if I *don't* dream it, but I'm not saying that my dream caused
> it, only that I saw it happening. It might also be argued that I didn't
> really "receive" this information from another branch, but that it was
> a coincidence that my dream matched the reality in the other branch. But
> seers don't see things by putting two and two together; they just, well,
> *see* them. And if I really could, godlike, enter at random another branch
> of the MW and return to this branch to report what I saw, how would the
> information provided be any different from my dream? The only difference I
> can think of is that with the direct method I would be more likely to
> a branch with greater measure, but I can probably achieve the same thing
> trying not to think about green monsters when I go to sleep tonight.
> --Stathis Papaioannou
> >I once read an article in, I believe, Time Magazine, about the relatively
> >new field of "neurotheology" which investigates what goes on in the brain
> >during ecstatic states, etc. One suggestion that intrigued me was that
> >may be possible that in such a state, and I believe that schizophrenics
> >were
> >also mentioned, that the brain is malfunctioning in such a way as to
> >it to perceive states of reality other than that which the normal brain
> >would perceive. In other words, the "antenna" (brain) is picking-up
> >signals
> >that are usually beyond the scope of the normal brain. I wondered if
> >anyone
> >could comment on this, and if there was any reason to even entertain the
> >thought that perhaps some people have passed through a crack in the
> >division
> >between our universe or dimension, into perhaps another? I read this
> >several years ago and wish that I could recall the details of the
> >but I don't have it anymore.
> >
> >Jeanne
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