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No, it is not "just erroneous". I know of many thoughtful
people, and include myself as one of them, who believe that
the so-called mind body problem is some sort of verbal or
linguistic problem.

I can agree with that, but then we should solve that linguistic problem.

We see it as arising most likely in the
minds of people who think there must be a deeper explanation
for why highly advanced products of natural selection can
report their internal states.

No. That's easy to explain. The problem is that any third person explanation suppress the need of the first person and its qualia, etc.

And the aforesaid "we" don't think that anything needs explaining.
Almost everyone reading this believes that an AI program could be
written such that even if you single-step through it, it will
report on its feelings, and that they'll be no less genuine than
ours. And from this, I conclude that in all likelihood, there really
isn't a problem.... :-)

Big discoveries has made by people who sees problems where others take things for granted. Einstein did see Maxwell equations were problematical with galileo relativity.
We could have sty in our cavern considering that the only serious problem is finding ways to eat and escaping to be east.
You can read the good nook by Michael Tye, which introduces very gently some facets on the mind-body problem:
Tye, M. (1995). Ten problems of consciousness. The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.



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