Le Mercredi 18 Mai 2005 17:57, Patrick Leahy a écrit :
> Of course, many of you (maybe all) may be defining pasts from an
> information-theoretic point of view, i.e. by identifying all
> observer-moments in the multiverse which are equivalent as perceived by
> the observer; in which case the above point is quite irrelevant. (But you
> still have to distinguish the different branches to find the total measure
> for each OM).


I thought of Observer Moment as containing the observer... What is the meaning 
of an OM (the same) which spread accross branches ? If you start by the 
assumption that OM are fundamental, then a "branch" is an OM. Or a branch is 
a consistent succession of OM ?

If the split forever is correct, then does a consciousness spread accross all 
those branch where the OM is in ? or just in one branch, and in other 
branches with the same OM, this is not the same consciousness ? If the later, 
why can it be said that it is in fact the same OM ?

I apologize for the apparent mix of questions, and the "bad" english... Hope 
you understand what I wanted to say ;)

Quentin Anciaux

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