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> To: [EMAIL PROTECTED], everything-list@eskimo.com 
> Subject: Re: Many worlds theory of immortality 
> Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 14:48:17 -0400 

> Generally, unasked-for attempts at armchair psychology to explain 
> the motivations of another poster on an internet forum, like the 
> comment that someone "just wants to hear themself talk", are 
> justly considered flames and tend to have the effect of derailing 
> productive discussion.

I indicated that it wasn't a flame and just an observation. You later prove me right.

> I actually agree with your other comments 
> about it being implausible that the mentally ill have some sort 
> of superior insight into reality,

Funny, it took my "flame" to get anyone to respond to that point, and the only one was you.

> but hey, this list is all about 
> rambling speculations about half-formed ideas that probably won't 
> pan out to anything, you could just as easily level the same 
> accusation against anyone here. 

> Jesse 

And so you reinforce my "flame". "Rambling speculations about half-formed ideas that probably won't pan out to anything" is a good description of talking to hear ones-self talk. If it's not going to pan out anyway, then it's pretty meaningless. If it's "rambling" it's fairly incoherent, and if the ideas are half-formed then what's the point to begin with? It's not to further any concrete understanding of anything. It's not to create any better models of reality, how could you with rambling, "half-formed" ideas? The pretense of anything serious being discussed or with any kind of serious thought behind it, should be dropped, then. Save people like me the wasted time of even joining in the first place. The only reason I won't quit the list for now is that ,once and a while, somebody actually says something interesting that' worth taking note of. I'll just let all the rambling comments about areas that I actually work in, slide from here on out - since now it's official that the standard here is half-formed ideas that won't pan out.  



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