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There are also those who have thought very carefully about the issue and have come to a hyper-sophisticated philosophical position which allows them to fudge. I'm thinking particularly of the consistent-histories gang, including Murray Gell-Mann. I particularly liked Roland Omnes' version of this: "quantum mechanics can account for everything except actual facts". He thinks this is a *good* thing!

I don't think it is a good thing to abandon trying to answer questions. It is the "don't ask" imperative. Actually I do believe Everett (and Finkelstein, Paulette Fevrier, Graham, Hartle, and many others) are on the track of succeeding to explain, well, not the actual fact themselves, but the "correct belief" in "actual-factness". Note that Omnes justifies some of his views (in particular on the uniqueness of the universe, or of the outcome of experiments), by invoking explicitly the abandon of the cartesian program, and accepting some form of irrationalism.



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