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I think I can answer to the whole message by saying "no way" isn't always "the way". The EPR paradox was supposed to prove quantum theory was wrong because it supposedly violated relativity. Alain Aspect proved that EPR actually worked as advertised, however it does so without violating relativity. Likewise I think there are ways that information, and perhaps other things, may be able to tunnel between worlds, despite the decoherence problem, of which I am well aware. Besides, Plaga has an experiment that is waiting to be tried that would prove other universes - http://arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/9510007 . Time will tell, but I think history is on my side.

But then Plaga assumes the existence of total elastic bodies. If he is right the second principles of thermo is wrong, and the SWE should be slightly non linear. OK, why not? But I would need more evidence before criticizing QM. (Note thatI don's assume QM in my approach to physics).



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