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Hear Hear! Excellent post reminding us of the value of lists such as this one.

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Sometimes, but it's also a good description of ideas that aren't fully developed yet. If I had speculated in 1910 that perhaps the force of gravity could be explained in terms of objects taking the shortest path in curved space, but didn't have a full mathematical theory that fleshed out this germ of an idea (and also didn't yet see that the longest path through curved spacetime would be better than the shortest path through curved space), then this would be a "halfed-formed idea that probably wouldn't pan out to anything", but it might still be useful to discuss it with others who found this germ of an idea promising and wanted to develop it further. That's how I see the purpose of this list, a combination of brainstorming ideas about the "everything exists" idea and then criticizing, fleshing out or disposing of these ideas. So certainly criticism of specific ideas that don't make sense is valuable, but I don't think it's helpful to accuse anyone who comes up with an idea that doesn't work out of just wanting to hear themselves talk.

If it's not going to pan out anyway, then it's pretty meaningless. If it's "rambling" it's fairly incoherent, >and if the ideas are half-formed then what's the point to begin with?

99% of brainstorms don't pan out to anything, and brainstorms by definition are usually half-formed, but all interesting new ideas were at one point just half-formed brainstorms too. Perhaps I should have left out "rambling", I only meant a sort of informal, conversational way of presenting a new speculation.


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