I could not find who suggested Plaga's paper recently, but
thanks to whoever it was. Whether Plaga is right or wrong,
his introductory remarks and general presentation are
simply superb.

There is even the very noteworthy (or humorous, I can't decide)
sentence which reads "Independent of what one thinks about the
MWI a priori, this is also a very systematic way to make
experimental progress in the  question of the interpretation
of QM, because in the MWI the predictions for any conceivable
experiment are free from philosophical subtleties...(!)"


P.S. Thanks also to Saibal:

> Plaga's paper has been published:
> "Proposal for an experimental test of the
> many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics

Found.Phys. 27 (1997) 559
arXiv: quant-ph/9510007

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> We discussed Plaga's paper back in June, 2002.  I reported some skeptical
> analysis of the paper by John Baez of sci.physics fame, at
> http://www.escribe.com/science/theory/m3686.html .  I also gave some
> reasons of my own why arbitrary inter-universe quantum communication
> should be impossible.
> Hal Finney

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