aet.radal ssg wrote:

Clearly, the method and definition of brainstorming that you're accustomed to is different than mine. >The "half-formed idea" is what initiates the brainstorm for me, which is fully formed when the storm is >over, ie. the ground is parched and in need of rain, the storm comes and when it's over, the ground is >wet and crops can grow. Sorry, I just couldn't think of a snappy computer metaphor, being as I'm from >the 1930's, as I have been told

But does this mean you think no one should discuss ideas that are not fully developed? To use my earlier example, do you think Einstein should have kept his mouth shut about ideas like the equivalence principle and curved space until he had the full equations of general relativity worked out, and that if he did try to discuss such half-finished ideas with anyone it would be because he just liked to hear himself talk?


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