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Having given a talk on this book with my friend David Woolsey, I would agree with you and add that it seems that Tipler has, as many others in the scientific community and they grow long in the tooth, realized the reality of their own mortality and have tried to use their knowledge to build theories to give themselves some hope of an "afterlife".


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Sounds to me what Tipler was arguing in "Physics of
Immortality". Whilst the "Omega Point Theory" developed in that book
is interesting and fun, most of the rest of the book is rubbish.


On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 10:35:03PM -0400, danny mayes wrote:
to the effect that not only must the universe allow for intelligent
observers, specifically us, but that the universe must allow for
intelligent observers to be able to recreate or emulate their existence?
Maybe a stronger version would be to recreate or emulate infinitely.  I
am aware of the final AP, which suggests life, or information
processing, will exist forever.  However, thats not quite as strong or
final as what I'm suggesting.

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