I believe that many "miraculous circumstances" have already occurred.  This 
comes about because of Tegmark's hypothesis that space is infinite and that 
any universe that is mathematically describable must exist.  (I particularly 
love the part where he computes the distance to a universe identical to this 
1) How did life originate if not through a miraculous circumstance?  In 
other branches of the multiverse, perhaps most of them, there is no life.
2) An article at 
suggests that all of earth's present human inhabitants originated from about 
2,000 breeders, about 70,000 years ago.  Humans were then very close to 
extinction.  In many other branches of the multiverse extinction did, in 
fact, occur.
3) Would humans have survived if the "cold war" had erupted into a nuclear 
exchange?  In other branches of the multiverse, humans did self-destruct 
(and may do so in this one).
4) In my personal history, there are several "close calls" where I could 
easily have been killed.  In some branches of the multiverse I was, in fact, 
killed.  In this branch I survive.

Norman Samish

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Let me pose the puzzle like this, which is a form we have discussed

Suppose you found yourself extremely old, due to a near-miraculous set
of circumstances that had kept you alive.  Time after time when you were
about to die of old age or some other cause, something happened and you
were able to continue living.  Now you are 1000 years old in a world
where no one else lives past 120.  (We will ignore medical progress for
the purposes of this thought experiment.)

Now, one of the predictions of QTI is that in fact you will experience
much this state, eventually.  But the question is this: given that you
find yourself in this circumstances, is this fact *evidence* for the
truth of the QTI?  In other words, should people who find themselves
extremely old through miraculous circumstances take it as more likely
that the QTI is true?

Hal Finney 

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