Hi John,
It is a small many-world! I have kept the article about your theory that appeared in the Carmel Valley News Feb, 4, 2005 - I also found descriptions of your theory in the application database - no luck in the patent database.

I'm busy till the end of the week but next week for lunch should be great. I'll give you a call.  I can't wait to hear how much royalties you are going to collect from this theory of everything.   ;-) .


John Ross wrote:
Is this the George Levy I know?  If so, I did not know you were
interested in theories of everything.  If it is you, and you are
interested, we should get together for lunch and I will explain my
theory and give you a copy of my latest patent application describing
the theory.  Earlier versions of it are described in patent applications
that I have applied for beginning in 2001.  Three are published at
uspto.gov.  Search for "ross" as inventor and a key word like
"neutrino".  I have also describe my ideas in a self-published book, "A
Single Particle Universe, The Simplest Yet Theory of Everything".  It is
available at Earth Song Book Store in Del Mar. 

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Hi Hal,

Remember that the chain of events that must lead you to be 1000 years 
old must be perfectly logical and consistent. A good science fiction 
writer would have no problem weaving a plot that could bring you to such

a situation. One could evoke living in a simulator, or the appearance of

aliens capable of prolonging life, etc...

This plot would be extremely unlikely but so is our present situation 
right here and now.   So your scenario differs only in degrees from the 
one we are experiencing right now.

Your age depends how you look at it. Our life as a continuous chain from

cell to cell has lasted possibly more than 4 billion years. (happy 
birthday :-) ) So it appears that our existence does justify QTI


Hal Finney wrote:

Let me pose the puzzle like this, which is a form we have discussed

Suppose you found yourself extremely old, due to a near-miraculous set 
of circumstances that had kept you alive.  Time after time when you 
were about to die of old age or some other cause, something happened 
and you were able to continue living.  Now you are 1000 years old in a 
world where no one else lives past 120.  (We will ignore medical 
progress for the purposes of this thought experiment.)

Now, one of the predictions of QTI is that in fact you will experience 
much this state, eventually.  But the question is this: given that you 
find yourself in this circumstances, is this fact *evidence* for the 
truth of the QTI?  In other words, should people who find themselves 
extremely old through miraculous circumstances take it as more likely 
that the QTI is true?

Hal Finney




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