To answer Norman's question: Re: My opinion on: WHY DOES ANYTHING EXIST

I do not believe that Nothing and Everything are the same object.

I do believe that the system imbedding universes has zero information.

I do believe that Nothing and Everything form [unavoidably] a no information definitional [is,is-not] pair and that this system is what embedds universes.

I believe that this system has an internal dynamic arising from the incompleteness of the Nothing component.

Dynamic Somethings within the Everything [including maybe universal dovetailers etc. etc.] result from the symmetry breaking associated with the Nothing attempting to complete itself which it must do. The dynamic Somethings give instantations [each arbitrary in dimension] of reality to descriptions of states of universes [numbers in the Everything?].

Since the description of the Nothing is a number it is in the Everything and is eventually [no idea of "time" implied] given reality by the Somethings and the overall initial system symmetry is reestablished only to be broken yet again.

I have discussed these ideas in other threads and am still working on them.

Hal Ruhl

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