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Patric has already explained Barbour's position (I didn't read his book).
Separating space from time is not very natural...

I agree. If only because of special relativity. But the very notion of space is quite complex. It is a reason why I find "loop gravity" more convincing than "string theory". In loop gravity a natural "quantum theory of space-time" is given. In string theory, it looks like we still need a classical space-time background.

(With comp there is an appearance of purely subjective (1-person) time with S4Grz, but space doesn't yet appear, although Goldblatt gives a modal analysis of Minkowski space-time which provides some hope it can be done. It is also possible that space is eventually generated by "a sort of abstract theory of knots" which could emerge from the computations statistics. This is not in my thesis and I'm speculating a little bit.

Perhaps one can use a similar method as presented here:


to derive the notion of space-time as a first person phenomena.

Thanks for the reference.
I will take a look on it (when I will be less buzy: those who asked me a paper are so glad with it that they ask me to rewrite the second part making it less technical for a wider audience, but that's work, and new deadline .... :()



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