Lee Corbin writes:

The problem is actually one of *anticipation*.  As naturally evolved
creatures, we are fashioned to anticipate the next moments. I have no
time now to get into it, but I don't think that this feeling of
anticipation really can be rigorously used; it's (unfortunately)
riddled with problems. Yet we are wired to observe it. So before
the great Die roll, you must anticipate seeing 1..6 and *not*
seeing the quantum fluctuation. Moreover, if one of the normal
six outcomes is associated with a very unpleasant experience,
you cannot help but think that it's similar to having a one in
six chance of the bad thing happening, and a 5 in 6 chance of
it not happening.  But I think that's a lie:  the truth is that
each outcome *will* happen. The only thing that gives you any
consolation is that the measure of the bad thing is only 1/6
while the measure of the good things is 5/6.

It *is* a lie that only one outcome will happen; and the anticipation of this lie is therefore a kind of delusion. But as you suggest, we are wired up to believe these lies, and this occurs at a very basic level which cannot be overturned by mere reason. While I am interested intellectually in a rational and objective understanding of these matters, emotionally I am interested in perpetuating the delusion that I am not actually the one suffering, and I don't really care how this effect is achieved.

--Stathis Papaioannou

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