At 12:36 PM 6/4/2005, Lee Corbin wrote:
R. Miller writes

> Lee Corbin wrote:

> Exposure to a nuclear detonation at 4000 yds typically kills about 1 in a
> million cells. When that happens, you die. I would suggest that is a bad
> metaphor.

Well, my numbers, above, are *entirely* different from yours. One in a million
cells is a *terrible* loss. But one atom?  There are 10^14 atoms per cell.
(And 10^14 cells in a typical human.)  I would stick with my numbers.
But in case you are somehow right, and that each cell would be wrecked
by the loss of a single atom, my point can be made by relaxing the
numbers:  replace what I've written by "I'll be happy to teleport even
if 100 trillion atoms are destroyed: a whole cell, gone".

As I indicated earlier, I was out to lunch on that one-in-a-million cells/atoms deal. As I understand it, one cell killed out of a million is lethal, however.


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