Another hypothetical. In 1939, let's say, a writer comes up with a sci-fi story, which is published the next year. It involves (let's say) a uranium bomb and a "beryllium target" in the Arizona desert that might blow up and cause problems for everyone. His main character is a fellow he decides to name "Silard." Two other characters he names "Korzybski" and "Lenz." Two cities are named in the story: Manhattan and Chicago. Along about the same time, in 1939 an out-of-work scientist named Leo Szilard is crossing a street in London (no, he doesn't know the sci fi writer.) Four years later Leo Szilard will be working with a guy named George Kistiakowski---whose job it is to fashion a lens configuration for the explosives surrounding a nuclear core for the first atomic bomb---code named, the Manhattan Project. Some of the other scientists, Enrico Fermi, for example, are from Chicago (where the first man-made nuclear pile was constructed---under the ampitheater.)

Now, pick one:
1. All a Big Coincidence Proving Nothing (ABCPN)
2. The writer obviously was privy to state secrets and should have been arrested.
3. Suggests precognition of a very strange and weird sort.
4. Might fit a QM many worlds model and should be investigated further.
5. I have no clue how to even address something like this.

Any takers?


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