I have just waved my magic wand, and lo! Jonathan Colvin has been changed body and mind into Russell Standish and placed in Sydney, while Russell Standish has been changed into Jonathan Colvin and placed somewhere on the coastal US. If anyone else covets a particular person's wealth or position, please email me privately, and for a very reasonable fee I can arrange a similar swap!

--Stathis Papaioannou

Le Jeudi 16 Juin 2005 10:02, Jonathan Colvin a écrit :
> Switch the question. Why aren't you me (Jonathan Colvin)? I'm conscious
> (feels like I am, anyway).

Hi Jonathan,

I think you do not see the real question, which can be formulated (using your
analogy) by :

Why (me as) Russell Standish is Russell Standish rather Jonathan Colvin ? I
(as RS) could have been you (JC)... but it's a fact that I'm not, but the
question is why I'm not, why am I me rather than you ? What "force" decide
for me to be me ? :)


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