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In reality the molecules in your brain are constantly being recycled--if you believe that the changes that make up memories happen at the synapses, the article at suggests all the molecules at the synapses are replaced in only 24 hours or so, and also that the entire brain is probably replaced "every other month" or so. So do you think the Eric Cavalcanti of six months ago is dead, and that your memories of having been him are false?


Jesse, IMHO, has pointed out the elephant in the room. Is Sheldrake right about "morphic fields" guiding our path through the world-line? Or is our concept of reality out of whack? While I respect Sheldrake, for pointing out some obvious quirks in real world perceptions, I think the concept of "morphic field" is merely descriptive rather than explanatory. But if he's right, is anyone willing to blurt out for the record that consciousness may have its own "pilot wave?"

R Miller

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