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> New Scientist has a very interesting article [...]
Nicolas Gisin, 'How come the Correlations'.

Note that what Gisin is saying (link above)
was, more or less, already written by John Bell.

"It has been argued that quantum mechanics
is not locally causal and cannot be embedded
in a locally causal theory. That conclusion
depends on treating certain experimental parameters,
typically the orientations of polarization filters,
as free variables. But it might be that this apparent
freedom is illusory. Perhaps experimental parameters
and experimental results are both consequences,
or partially so, of some common hidden mechanism.
Then the apparent non-locality could be simulated."
- John Bell, "Free Variables and Local Causality",
  'Epistemological Letters', 15, (1977)

The problem Gisin (and many others) is trying to
fix is whether space-time is a by-product of
quantum dynamics (in a very general sense) or
quantum information (in a general sense) lives in,
and travels through, a pre-existing space-time.
(But this also is what quantum gravity is 
trying to fix).

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