Eric Cavalcanti writes:

You are in the same torture room as before, but now the guy is going to
torture you to death. You have three options:

A: you flip a coin to decide whether you are going to be tortured;
B: you press the copy button 100 times;
C: you press the copy button once.

What do the people in this list choose?

I would choose B. B is effectively the same as flipping a coin 100 times, with a 50% chance of escaping the torture every time. If you say that every time the button is pressed not only you are copied, but the entire universe is copied sans torture, then this is almost exactly the same as flipping a coin 100 times if MWI is true. Why do you think it's OK to be duplicated as a result of the universe "splitting" and not OK to be duplicated by pressing a button?

--Stathis Papaioannou

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